Walking Soul’s Spiral: What inspires you?

Stepping into Sacred Space: Welcoming Inspiration

A weekend retreat inviting you to pause and listen deeply.
Friday April 29, 2011  7-8:30
Saturday April 30, 2011 10-5
May 1,2011 10-2

What inspires you, gives you the fire to take action?
What stops you?
What is required so your dreams, hope, and longing
can take form and be fulfilled?

What happens if you set aside time to excavate buried dreams
or dream new ones?

How can you see what keeps getting in the way, listening for
whispered secrets, unlocking forbidden passages?

Do you dare take the next steps to live into the unique space belonging only to you?

Come, lets ask these and other questions together.
We can meet in sacred space, honor your wisdom by listening, as you
access inspiration’s call.

I hope to see you there

Jo Todd,  PhD

$197.00 per retreat  (Payment plans available)
Since this is a small, intimate gathering
space is limited

Welcoming Inspiration is the first of 4 Walking Soul’s Spiral Retreat Series
Each retreat is self contained but are ideally experienced as a year-long practice–part of the series.
Each Quarter a retreat re-focuses encouraging continuing steps
Summer- Celebrating Creation – July
Fall- Embracing Reflections-October
Winter -Honoring Completions- January

Each retreat $197.
4 retreat series includes a 10% discount  $709.00
Partial scholarships may also be available.

For more information please contact jo@thehealingallaince.com or 512-680-1540


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